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Who Is Jesus?

For more than two millennia Jesus has fascinated, perplexed, divided and united billions. No serious historian contests that Jesus lived. But who he was exactly has been a lightning rod for debate and devotion.

Jesus was deeply aware of the tension that his life drew. But he lead conversation with those who were following him toward the tension not away from it. He asked his followers, Who do you say I am? He didn’t want formulaic answers. He wanted them to speak honestly, freely, from their hearts about what they’d discovered and what they actually thought.

Jesus has always sparked questions in people. Then and now.

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The Why. The Alpha course is one of the best ways we know to explore your questions about Jesus. The YouTube clip provides a great overview.

On Alpha, we share a meal, watch a video and talk. No pressure. No follow-up. No charge. 


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Alpha has some amazing stories of how people have been impacted through the course.

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