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Given the Greater Sydney lockdown, we’ll be gathering on Zoom for the next couple of Sundays, 4:30pm.

Click here to join the call. 


Most Sundays, 4:30pm, we meet (COVID-safe) in person at Asquith Public School. Kids program included. Plenty of street parking available on Dudley Street.



The Why. Following Jesus is not something we do alone. It’s always in community. We scatter as followers of Jesus through the week, but we also gather weekly. We gather to worship, to learn and to care for one another. We love it.

Hope you can join us.

What should I expect?

What does a typical Sunday gathering look like?
Practically, when we gather as a community on a Sunday you can expect a few things: * Worship. We love worshipping God. During Covid-19, we're doing this creatively. * A talk. Think practical teaching and discussion on how to live life well Jesus' way. * Kids program. We have trained and vetted volunteers. See details below. (Note: this is not available on Zoom) * Food. Yes, good food is important to us. It doesn’t seem right to gather without it. * Opportunity, should you wish, to encounter God.
Is there a kids program?
Yes! Our kids range in age from creche age to late primary. Our kids church leaders are dedicated to seeing the kids of church grow up strong knowing God’s love and walking with him. We take child protection seriously. Our leaders are vetted and trained.
What should I wear?
Viva is relaxed. There is no dress code. Come as you are.
Will I be asked to give money?
No. We may or may not talk about money. We want our Sunday gatherings to be a place where you can come and explore Jesus without feeling like people are trying to get money from you. Regulars to Viva support the church financially but it is certainly not something that visitors will be asked to do.
Do I have to be follower of Jesus to come along?
When Jesus walked the earth he spent a lot of his time having meals with people. That's the welcome we extend to anyone. Come and spend time, get to know us, ask your questions and explore Jesus in a community where you will not be judged for your beliefs.