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Try Alpha

You’re invited to Try Alpha

4pm, 29 October 2023

67 Jersey, St Hornsby
(Childcare provided)

Let us know you’re interested in coming along.

I came along to Alpha curious about what might be on offer, but not really expecting to stay. I was surprised at just how warm & open everyone was, and not at all pushy. I’m quite shy, and I was comfortable enough to ask questions and so appreciated what the other participants were willing to share – as much or as little as they were comfortable with, was fine. Alpha at Viva ended up leading me home, it’s my home now.
– a story from the last time we ran Alpha

Find out about Jesus without going to a church service

Alpha is a series of sessions that freely explore the big questions of life.

Gather together and enjoy some great food – Watch an episode on a topic of faith – Ask questions and share your thoughts

It’s an opportunity to get connected, discover more about Jesus, and share your thoughts in a friendly environment.

I heard about Alpha on Hope radio and when I showed up I honestly had no idea what to expect. Everyone there was so kind and welcoming and it was a such a nice space to learn more about Christianity.

Prior to Alpha I had no relationship with Jesus or the Holy Spirit but during the course I learned about the amazing relationship Jesus has to offer us and the gift we can use through the Holy Spirit.

Alpha changed my life and the added bonus was the community and family I found.

– another story from the last time we ran Alpha


I’m an introvert, will I have to speak? 

This is about helping you explore faith and the big questions of life. Speak as much or as little as is comfortable for you.

Do you have to be a Christian to do Alpha?

No, actually, if you’re not a Christian you’ll likely get a lot more out of Alpha. Alpha is designed for people exploring faith, not for people who are already established Christians. So if you have no faith, no church background, this is a great place for you.

Does this cost money?

No. Alpha is free. You’re welcome 🙂