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Our four “opt ins…”

Jesus launched a global movement. But it took millennia to be so. He invites us into this movement to play our part.

At Viva, we’ve articulated that invitation as four “opt ins”.

They provides us with a short-hand way to remember what matters to us and what we’re about. And language that is common to us and clear.

We love that we are part of the broader Vineyard family and indeed part of the broader beautiful family of God. So…

In the dazzling light of Jesus’ declaration and demonstration that the Kingdom of God is at hand, at Viva we opt in to live:



Open to the Spirit: “Am I wide open to whatever the Spirit wants in this thought, this statement, and this action?” (To quote theologian Scot McKnight)

Under God’s Word: “In this, am I allowing the Word of God to confront me, disturb my security, to undermine my complacency and to overthrow my patterns of thought and behaviour?” (To rephrase theologian John Stott)

On mission: “Is this leading us to the lost or the lost to Jesus? If not, let’s not do it.” (To paraphrase Vineyard Pastor Alan Scott)

In authentic relationships: “Am I doing this connected with others? Do I know the people I am doing this with? Am I letting them get to know me? Am I letting go of who I think I should be to embrace who God has declared I am?” (Kudos to Brene Brown here)

These four “opt ins” answer the question, How are we to live? To live this way is our delight and our discipline.  

It’s not that sometimes we live on mission, sometimes we do activities that are open to the Spirit, sometimes we’re under the word of God, or sometimes we’re in authentic relationships.

These four “opt-ins” are how we do it all, all the time.

It could be a kid’s Table Group, it could Mend & Make, it could be a Sunday gathering, it could be a parenting course, it could a Friday night at the pub, indeed, it could be how you conduct that Monday morning stand up meeting at work. 

At all times, in every circumstance and context, as the Viva family called to follow Jesus we live – open to the Spirit, under God’s Word, on mission, in authentic relationships.