Reconnection - Lent 2024: You can’t serve two masters

You can’t serve two masters

Jesus taught most about the kingdom of God, but next topic that he taught on the most was money.  Learning how to handle money is a core part of what it means to be a student of Jesus and it always will be.   Not because God needs money. He has no need for it. God really cares about how you and I handle money,  Money is connected to our very purpose.  The purpose that God gave mankind was to be stewards, managers of creation.  Not using and abusing resources, but caring for this world.  Not controlled by resources but faithful managers. Needless to say mankind has made a total mess of that, but the restoration of that role is core to our restoration into who God created us to be.Money is the main power setting itself up as an alternative to God - offering you security and meaning and pleasure and control and significance. Your practices about money reveal what you really think about who is in charge of this universe.Handling money is a series of daily choices. There’s no avoiding it. You’re going to face it every day.  So God is going to use these choices to shape you, to form your character. Q: What is your heart relationship to money like?

Speaker: Sarah Starr
Duration: 42 mis