ReMeeting Jesus: Pt. 7 – Rethinking the Beatitudes as Good News

Pt. 7 – Rethinking the Beatitudes as Good News

Jesus’ ministry has launched. He’s preaching his slogan, Repent for the Kingdom of God is here. He’s gathering a community of followers. He’s healing people like crazy. It’s beginning to look like a new Israel is being formed. He’s passed through the waters. He’s gone through the wilderness. He’s gathering a community. Just like God did with Israel under Moses. We can imagine some of the questions early followers were asking at that point seeing what they’re seeing and hearing what they’re hearing? God’s kingdom come. God’s power at work. What does this mean for me/for us? Jesus is healing people. We’ve never seen that before. Does that mean that life in this Kingdom of God Jesus is talking about is pain free, all smiles, full of popularity and getting what you want immediately? Or in the words of a friend I was talking to about Jesus, Won’t everything be wonderful if I follow Jesus? Jesus goes up the mount to help answer some of those questions for his new followers. In his teaching he begins unpacking what life in the kingdom of God looks like. How it’s different. And in the first picture of life in the kingdom - the Beatitudes - he gives his early followers some incredibly Good News!

Speaker: Andrew Starr
Duration: 32 mins