G.R.O.W.: Pt 1. Give

Pt 1. Give

Jesus tells the people a story about a man who thinks like this: Invest. Flip the property. Go again. Buy more. Flip them. Go again…and you’ll be set. Retirement will be early and a time of infinite happiness as you take things easy, drink and be merry. On a cruise, in the south of France, at a billabong in the north of Australia somewhere, whatever… What’s the trouble with that plan? The only trouble with this man’s plan for prosperity and the good life was that the plan didn’t include God. He’d ignored God and he’d ignored his neighbour, the poor. He forgot that he was a mortal creature, whose every breath is a gift. Jesus invites us into a completely different way of life grounded in ultimate reality - the never ending flow of God's love.

Speaker: Andrew Starr
Duration: 38:47