CAP Money Course

February 20, 2021—March 6, 2021

Storey Park Community Centre, 12 Old Berowra Rd Hornsby


Feeling the financial pressure from Christmas? Sign up for the free CAP Money Course.

The 3-session course will be held at Storey Park Community Centre, Hornsby:

  • Saturday 20 February, 10am-11.30am
  • Saturday 27 February, 10am-11.30am
  • Saturday 6 March, 10am-11.30am

The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that teaches people budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that really works.

This course will help anyone to get more in control of their finances, so they can save, give and prevent debt. The CAP Money Course is a course devised by the award winning debt counselling charity, Christians Against Poverty.


How the CAP Money Course can help YOU.

“I feel more relaxed about spending money on myself because I know exactly how much I can spend and where it’s coming from. I feel confident to be able to save for the future.” – Brielle

“It’s made a big difference to my budgeting and has made saving so much quicker and easier. I feel more in control of my money.” – Sarah

“I knew I could do better. I knew here must be a better way. I’ve found it – thank you CAP Money Course!” – Steven

Over 20,000 Australians have found financial freedom with CAP Money

We hope you can join us!

(PS. Viva Vineyard Church is hosting this CAP course, that’s why you’re registering through the church website.)